We thank all our Donors who have contributed to ensure the financial foundation of the Mother Church!

List complete as of February 5, 2024

Builder ($50,000–$74,999)

Mr. and Mrs. John and Elaine Thibault

Sustainer ($25,000–$49,999)

Mrs. Pepi Harovas

The Estate of Evangeline Patsalis, In Memory of Nick and Evangeline Patsalis

Mr. and Mrs. Panayiotis and Magdaline Peters

Supporter ($15,000–$24,999)

Johnson and Johnson Foundation

Dr. and Mrs. Dennis and Kathryn Kokenes

Malbis Memorial Fund
Daphne, AL

Donor ($10,000–$14,999)

Hon. Louis G. Apostol, In Memory of Jorgiana Andrea Apostol

Sacred Patriarchal Monastery of St. Irene Chrysovalantou

Sponsor ($5,000–$9,999)

Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church, NC

Congressman Michael Bilirakis

Mr. Geofrey J. Greenleaf

Archon Gary C. Grysiak, In Honor of Benjamin Grysiak

Archon Gary C. Grysiak, In Memory of Metropolitan Nicholas

Dr. and Mrs. Isam and Jane Khoury

Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas and Jane Kourtis

John McNelis, MD, In Memory of Elaine Maroulas; The Maroulas and Charitis Family

Nicholas Patricios

Mr. Justin Quaglia

Friend (below $5,000)

Church of the Archangels, Stamford, CT

Andrew Armatas

Lena Angelos

Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Bacsik

Mr. and Mrs. Frank and Demetra Boardman

Judge B. Theodore and Helen Bozonelis in honor of the Milestone Birthday of Dr. Anthony J. Limberakis

Emil and Susanne Bzdil

Thomas Copulos

Mr. Peter J. Couchell

Mr. and Mrs. James and Frances Dimitrion

Mr. and Mrs. Anthony and Christine Djinis

Robert Ecker, In Honor of Nikolaos Mihalios

Mr. and Mrs. Apostolos and Stella Fisfis

Jimmy Fokas

Mr. Kenneth Frangadakis

Dr. Michael P. Gabriel

Mr. and Mrs. Renos and Maryanna Georgiou, In Memory of Christo Doulos, Ekaterina, Sophia, Demetrios

Mr. Thomas Gerakis, In Honor of G Reganis His Nono

Mr. Douglas Hadley

Holy Cross GO Church

GO of Whitestone Holy Cross Inc

Mr. William Jannace:

  • In Memory of Dr. Fotis C. Benetos; 
  • In Memory of Anthony E. Jannace; Assunta Jannace; 
  • In Memory of Nicholas Lambrianides; 
  • In Memory of Rev. Vasilios and Presbytera Polixene Mihalopoulos; 
  • In Memory of Elizabeth Sciabarra; 
  • In Memory of Anthony Sutera; 
  • In Memory of Archon Depoutatos Basil (Basilios) Theodosakis; 
  • In Memory of Stephanos and Euginia Tsarnas and Michael Halkias; 
  • In Memory of Nicholas Vellios; 
  • In Memory of Very Reverend Fr. Angelo Gavalas; 
  • In Memory of Patriarch Athenagoras; 
  • In Memory of Jimmy Geleris; 
  • In Memory of Spiros Tsimbinos
  • In Memory of Richard A. Debs
  • In Memory Apostolos and Alexandra Papoutsakis

Mr. Ted Johnson

Christ Kamages

Mr. James Katsaounis

Mr. James Katsaounis, In Honor of Patriarch Bartholomew

Francis Katapodis

Mr. and Mrs. George and Mary Ann Kokkinakis, In Memory of parents

Mrs. Elaine Kyrus, In Memory of Thomas Kyrus

Mr. and Mrs. George and Virginia Laguros

Fr. Alexander Leondis

Dr. Anthony J. and Dr. Maria A. Limberakis, In Honor of the 53rd Wedding Anniversary of Judge Theodore and Helen Bozonelis

Vasilios Marutsos

Mr. and Mrs. Nikiforos and Lambrina Mathews

Mr. John D. Malatavas

Mr. Demetrios Malitas, In Honor of Anthony J. Limberakis, MD

Mr. and Mrs. Christos and Elaine Miliotes

Mr. and Mrs. Mark and Dimitra Moraitakis

Mr. and Mrs. Dimitrios and Celeste Moschos

Ms. Marianne C. Nichols

Mr. Peter C. Papadakos

Ely Papadeas

Mr. and Mrs. George N. and Ourania Pappas

Mr. Nicholas Papson

Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Janet Pavlides, In Memory of Chris Pavlides

Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Pamela Plumis

Mr. George and Mary Ann Psihogios

Nicholas Romas

Louis J. Roussalis, MD

Mr. Konstantinos Sarvanakis

Mr. and Mrs. Demetrios and Pauline Seremetis

Mr. Louis S. Sinopoulos

South Nassau Hellenic Community Inc

St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Church, Savannah, GA

Ms. Alice Sosangelis, In Memory of Constantine Sosangelis

Mr. and Mrs. Angelo and Barbara Stamoulis

Ms. Dina Theodosakis, In Honor of Basilios and Haido Theodosakis

Mr. and Mrs. Michael and Elisabeta Tsiappoutas

Mr. and Mrs. Theodore and Helen Abadzi Vakrinos, In Memory of Efstathia Vakrinou and Athena Abdazi

Mr. Huw Watkins, In Memory of Ann

Mr. Harold L. Weatherby

Mr. Jeremy Wong

Mr. Basil P. Xeros

In Memory of Presbytera Elizabeth Limberakis

Hon. Steven Counelis

Mr. Isidoros Garifalakis

Inspector. John Kassimatis

Mr. Louis Kircos

Dr. Nicholas Loutsion

Mr. John Manos

Dr. Gregory Papadeas

Mr. Costas Sideridis

Mr. Nicholas Terezis

Mr. Nicholas Tranto

Mr. George Tsougarakis

Dr. Thomas Williams

In Memory of National Vice Commander John Halecky, Jr

Mr. Andrew Armatas

Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Bacsik

Mr. John Bilanin

Mr. John Bochnovic

Hon. B. Theodore and Helen Bozonelis

Alex Breno

Ms. Cynthia DePietro

Ms. Catherine Farro

Mr. and Mrs. Gregory and Gloria Kurilla

Mr. and Mrs. Peter and Elaine Kurilla

Drs. Anthony and Maria Limberakis

Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas Loutsion

Ms. Gwynn Neilsen

Ms. Irene Onacilla

Stephen Petrick

Mr. Thomas Pitoscia

Mr. Jeffrey Pizzuto

Marisa Quaglia

Gregory Saad

Ms. Rosemary Sabatino

Anne and William Wright